Jan 26, 2015 to Jan 28, 2015

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Jan 2015
12:00 pm

Biochemistry Department Seminar Presentation

Durham Research CenterDevendra Agrawal, Ph.D. to present "Gene Therapy To Prevent Restenosis Following Coronary Intervention"
Dr. Agrawal is Professor in...

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 12:00 pm

Noon Discussion with Dr. Harnisch

FM Conference Room (MSB 2590)topic TBD

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  2:00 pm

Cellular & Integrative Physiology - Leah Reznikov

Durham Research CenterLeah Reznikov, Ph.D.
Faculty Candidate
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
"Discovering Nervous System...

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Jan 2015
8:00 am

Patient Management Conference

Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Glow Education Center (televised to UNMC: UT 7412A&B)
“Clinical Quality Improvement Conference”...

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  9:00 am

Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience Seminar Series

Durham Research Center, Durham Research Center, Room 1002."TRPV1 receptor: new modalities of sensitization and/or activation in peripheral nervous system"
Violeta Ristoiu, PhD
Associate Professor...

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  9:00 am

Pathology and Microbiology Graduate Student Research Seminar

Durham Research CenterMatthew Dale
M.D./Ph.D. Graduate Student
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Baxter
"The influence of elastin-derived peptides on macrophage phenotype and...

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 12:00 pm

Family Med Jeopardy

FM Conference Room (MSB 2590)lunch provided

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 12:00 pm

Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center Grand Rounds

Eppley Science Hall"The Role of Radiation Therapy in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Management" - Chi Lin, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor, department of Radiation...

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  4:00 pm

Truhlsen Eye Institute / Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Seminar - Dr. Kang Zhang

Durham Research CenterDr. Kang Zhang, Professor of Ophthalmology, Shiley Eye Center, Retina Specialist and Human Genetics, University of California, San Diego, will...

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Jan 2015
7:00 am

Cardiology Grand Rounds

Sorrell CenterDaniel Anderson, MD, PhD
"New Guidelines for Monitoring Patients in the hospital"

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  8:00 am

Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds: Compassion in Surgery

Sorrell CenterPresenter: Charity H. Evans, M.D., M.H.C.M., Assistant Professor, Surgery Clerkship Director, Division of
General Surgery, Section of...

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  8:00 am

Surgery Grand Rounds

Sorrell CenterSpeaker: G. Matthew Longo, MD; Associate Professor; Division of Vascular Surgery; UNMC
Title: Aortic Aneurysms: Evidence and Practice Patterns

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 12:00 pm

College of Public Health Grand Rounds

Maurer College of Public Health“The Strategic Importance for Public Health of Preventing Violence Against Children.”
James A. Mercy, PhD
Acting Director, Division of...

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 12:00 pm

Family Med Grand Rounds

Eppley Science Amphitheater"Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy For Diabetes" by Lily Chang, PharmD

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 12:00 pm

Mind and Brain Health Series

Clarkson Doctors - NorthIntroduction of the C-MOVA Lab and Research
Presented by:
Joseph, Ka-Chun Siu, PhD, Assistant Professor - Physical Therapy Education, School of...

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  4:00 pm

Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy Seminar Series

Durham Research CenterRajini Rao, PhD to present “Calcium at the Pump: Secretory Pathway Ca2+-ATPases in Mammary Physiology and Breast Cancer”.
Dr. Rao is a...

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