Sep 2, 2014 to Sep 4, 2014

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Sep 2014
9:00 am

Pathology and Microbiology Graduate Student Research Seminar

Durham Research CenterDallas Jones
Ph.D. Candidate
Advisor: Dr. Jason Zhang
“How mutation to Pax5 contributes to the leukemogenesis in acute lymphoblastic...

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Sep 2014
8:00 am

Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds: Synthetic Mesh Used in Gynecologic Surgery

Sorrell CenterPresenter: Dr. Kristin Rooney, Assistant Professor, Urogynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, UNMC
1. Identify the appropriate...

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 12:00 pm

COPH Grand Rounds: “Health 2030: The Edge of Tomorrow”

Maurer College of Public HealthCollege of Public Health Grand Rounds presentation “Health 2030: The Edge of Tomorrow” will be given by Ali Khan, MD, MPH, Dean, College of...

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 12:00 pm

Pathology and Microbiology Clinical Grand Rounds

Durham Research CenterScott Rodig, MD., Ph.D
"Strength and Stealth: Defining the Clinical Significance of MYC and PD-Ligands in Lymphoma"
Associate Professor

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  4:00 pm

Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy Seminar Series

Durham Research CenterDr. Pankaj K. Singh to present "Metabolic Reprogramming by MUC1 Facilities Resistance to Chemotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer"
Dr. Pankaj K. Singh...

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  4:00 pm

Research Seminar

College of Dentistry“Palmitoylation regulates desmosme assembly” will be presented by Dr. James Wahl, Associate Professor, Department of Oral Biology, UNMC College...

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Sep 2014
9:00 am

PALS Renewal Course

This one-day course is intended for healthcare providers who have previously completed an PALS Provider course and has a solid understanding of the...

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  4:00 pm

Eppley Seminar Series

Eppley Cancer Center"Integration of autophagy and apoptosis in the tumor microenvironment and downstream of mortalin/client protein disruption" - Dr. Doris Benbrook-...

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