Nov 28, 2014 to Nov 30, 2014

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Dec 2014
9:00 am

Danielle S. Fenster - Final Oral Examination

Durham Research CenterBioinformatics analyses of macrophage transcriptome profiles following HIV infection, cART, and METH treatments

12 Views   updated 7 d ago
  9:00 am

Ryan J. Cornelius - Final Oral Examination

Durham Research CenterThe role of BK-alpha/beta4 in high potassium, alkaline conditions

12 Views   posted 13 d ago
 10:00 am

Ann L. Anderson Berry - Final Oral Examination

Bennett HallRandomized Trial of Two Doses of Vitamin D in Preterm Infants <32 weeks: Dose Impact on Achieving Desired Serum 25(OH)D in a NICU Population

6 Views   updated 8 d ago
Dec 2014
1:00 pm

Jamie Arnst - Final Oral Examination

Eppley Science HallStrategies for the Identification of Chemical Probes to Study Signaling Pathways

5 Views   posted 2 d ago
Dec 2014
1:30 pm

Amanda S. Hawley - Final Oral Examination

Eppley Science HallCharacterization of the DNA-Binding Properties of Human Telomeric Proteins

4 Views   posted 2 d ago
Dec 2014
11:00 am

Regina Robbins - Final Oral Examination

Maurer College of Public HealthThe efficacy and feasibility of a campus-based spiritual wellness initiative, DROP IN CLASS: Developing Regular Opportunities for Practice in...

67 Views   updated 35 d ago
Dec 2014
3:00 pm

Panagiotis Koutakis - final oral examination

Lied Transplant CenterAbnormal Myofiber morphology and altered expression of proteins linking the sarcomere to the ECM in the gastrocnemius of PAD patients are...

26 Views   posted 51 d ago
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