The Dept. of Pathology and Microbiology presents Dr. Lisa Rimsza

MSB, Room 3570 (McWhorter Learning Center)

Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Dr. Rimsza is a tenured, full professor at the University of Arizona where she works as a diagnostic Hematopathologist for the University Medical Center. She is the Director of the Flow Cytometry lab, Directory of the Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship, and a comprehensive member of the Arizona Cancer Center. At this time, she is Chair of the Southwest Oncology Lymphoma Translational Medicine Subcommittee, working closely with the lymphoma physicians on new treatment strategies for patients. As a member of the international collaborative group, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Molecular Profiling Project, she is involved with development of new molecular methods, including gene expression profiling in frozen and paraffin embedded tissues, for lymphoma diagnosis and prognosis. Dr. Rimsza directs the Arizona Lymphoma Repository and collaborates with the biotech industry on new test development. Her primary research focuses on the biology of diffuse large B cell lymphoma, particularly mechanisms of lost tumor immunosurveillance.
Dr. Rimsza holds major funding from the National Institutes of Health. Currently she leads a large international collaborative effort by the well known research consortium, the Lymphoma & Leukemia Molecular Profiling Project, entitled “Molecular Diagnosis and Prognosis in Aggressive Lymphomas” focused on using gene expression profiling for lymphoma diagnosis. She is also funded through the National Cancer Institute grants for the Specialized Center of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Lymphoma, the AIDS Cancer Specimen Research Network, and the Southwest Oncology group Lymphoma/Myeloma Bank and Translational medicine committees.

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