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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a coordinated effort to link local farmers with local individuals and families who desire to eat fresh produce and dairy while supporting the local farm economy.

Tomāto Tomäto understands how hectic and crazy life can get. Especially in the summer. We have developed a corporate program designed to help alleviate some of the everyday stresses of life.

UNMC, in the best interest of the health of its employees, had chosen to allow its employees the opportunity to participate in the corporate membership.

What to expect in your bag: spring greens, asparagus, broccoli, radishes, potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes and much more. (For a complete list see our website, and click on the produce availability tab)

How does it work?
Tomāto Tomäto begins crop planning with all of the member farms as early as November. We then determine how many “shares” we will have for the next year. Crops are planted and harvest will begin around the beginning of May (depending on weather). The next season is set to begin the week of May 12, 2014. This is when Tomāto Tomäto will begin delivering all the fresh produce to the CSA members.

Each week Tomāto Tomäto will deliver to the members what has been harvested just for them; campus location pick up is the Maurer Center for Public Health (MCPH) building. Every member is given two reusable bags with their name on them. When we deliver the full bag we will take the empty one and swap bags for the remainder of the CSA. The spring/summer CSA will last 15 weeks.

Worried about this being too much food for you to use in a week? You can share a bag with a co-worker(s). Please put names & contact information on the form and names will be written on your reusable bag.

Tomāto Tomäto Newsletter:
Each week with your bag you will receive a newsletter telling you who grew your various items. There will be information on the farms and simple recipes to help you use vegetables that may be less familiar.

UNMC Corporate Newsletter:
A few days before the weekly delivery, you will be emailed a list of the contents in the bag that week along with recipes using the contents of your bag. Information on upcoming community events (i.e. cooking/canning classes) and other local information (i.e. Buy Fresh Buy Local) will be included.

How to sign up:
Sign-ups for the UNMC CSA will begin January 8, 2014. All shares are available on a first come first serve basis. To pick up your bag at UNMC, you must sign up using the UNMC Corporate Enrollment form; contact Robin Jaeckel to email you the form. Forms will be accepted until all shares are filled or May 1, 2014 deadline; whichever occurs first.

Contact Tomāto Tomäto directly at 402-933-0893.

Contact Info

Robin Jaeckel
(402) 559-2328

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